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Here is that promised epilogue post! I'm a nerd, so I thought it'd be cool to do it a la Fire Emblem (this IS FE-based, after all)? As in, post with your characters' journals (the icons serve as portraits!) and write a third-person snippet about what happened to them, or something. If you don't know or need to discuss, do so OOCly then tag in here with the epilogues! /o/

I'll tag in with an example character (since I have so many I'm sure there's at least one that won't take any discussing...) and everyone can follow?? idk. LEAVE ME TO MY NERDY EPILOGUES ;_;



You know, "Swordsman of Wind", "Forgotten Princess", "Lying Prince", whatever. No FE epilogues are complete without random titles.


May. 1st, 2008


That's it! Time's up, and it's over.

I'm really sorry if anyone had anything they wanted to do or wrap up and didn't have enough time. D:

We'll be using the power of plothole to say they managed to defeat Loppy, and all is right with the world... sort of.

Some things I thought could be fitting to wrap stuff up, let me know if it's okay:

a) Aidan eventually takes his place as King of Grandbell

b) The dragons left in this world who survived the ordeal are given the option to return to their home world or remain here (the door is then resealed - don't ask, it's a plothole okay :()

c) Velthomer finally gets a major Fala back and starts to rebuild itself

d) The Loputo cult is obv not gone because we need that little bit of "oh shi-" in the end

e) Whatever else, idk

ETA; F!!!) The Twelve disappeared quietly after the war was over. Keeps an air of bs mystery about them! And is pretty plotholey. :(

Big epilogue post is coming soon!

For now, a moment of sappiness from me:

Thank you all for making this game as fun as it was for over a year /o/

...I just woke up I can't do this.

Um yes thanks everyone for everything! Maybe we'll game again in the future? /o/


(ETA: neonclover -> angeling.)

Sup guys!

This is probably one of the last posts this community will be seeing. /o/

Since activity is still low, we don't see a reason to postpone the closing. :O Thus, it closes on May 1st as originally scheduled, which leaves us with a little over 3 days left.

If you want to have any threads or plots finished up before it closes, please do so!

I think no one wants to see the world get eaten, so we'll use the power of PLOTHOLE to say they won the battle. o/

Should we hold a massive OOC post of teary-eyed farewells "what happened to so-and-so" discussion/definition once it's over? Personally, I'm curious to know where the characters ended up (or would've ended up, idk).

Apr. 17th, 2008

So there was going to be a HUGE EPIC log post in which the following occurred. However, in my infinite wisdom, I neglected to save it.

I think we can all figure out what happened from there.

Anyway, Kairos was stupid and went into House Valhalla alone to get the Narga tome. However, before he could waltz out of House Valhalla with it, he ran into Sindri. Sindri couldn't just let Kairos walk out of there with the tome, so they fought and, through sheer dumb luck, Kairos actually survived. Sindri, however, was not so fortunate. Kairos got in a lucky shot, Sindri went down, and Kairos got out of Valhalla as fast as he possibly could.

There are patches of blood to indicate the path he took, but said path ends at the city entrance; Kairos was waiting until he got out to bandage himself up.

People now going into Valhalla can most likely see the blood. And Sindri's corpse just inside the main hall of House Valhalla with an assortment of cuts all over him and a knife bearing the mark of the Narga bloodline through his heart. (The knife went in after Sindri went down, by the way.) Any on the roads around Valhalla itself may have seen a heavily bandaged Kairos making his way back towards the desert.

Carry on.
So... What exactly is the best time for anyone involved in the plot to stick it to the (current) man, and take back our guns holy weapons? Considering we have roughly... 20 days between now and the end? :D;

itt: slaaaauuuughterrrr

OKAY SO, regarding this this post. Helle haet humans. Helle haet Odo humans. Helle is getting pretty fucking bored.

SO, tonight she is sauntering into the castle of Isaac, pontificating at length, then going dragon and killing anyone she can get her claws into, including the ex-Queen, King, and some of their daughters. Of course, attacking a palace already on edge isn't exactly a smart idea, so Helle will be eventually taken down.

but yeah, look out for that.

Apr. 8th, 2008

Sigh. I'm dropping out.

It's been a good ride and all, but it has been brought to my attention that I really haven't been active in this RP as of late, and I doubt that I have the ability to become active again for a while. It's a shame, considering just how close to the end this is, but... I've been negligent.

Well, it's been a good ride anyway, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this all turns out at the end.

I haven't forgotten about the Twelves plot, it just seems like some other people have—so I'm gonna make this clear.

Do you guys want to round them up? Some of you have forgotten your characters agreed to head toward Caden, and really, it makes it a little hard to complete a plot when everyone isn't involved. Caden still needs to contact Damien, and I don't think he knows about the remaining one, but all the others are pretty much found. I'm asking because if we're going to finish this, we don't have much time.

Basically, my goal is that they go and fight Loputous. None of them are strong enough to, you know. Win. But I figure that's more of a purpose for them than anything. They can weaken him and figure out a way for the others to get their resolve and finish the fight. Pretty simple, yes?

But we need everyone involved. That means people going to where they said they were going to and so forth. This is really something that needs everyone on the same page. I'm going to make a Caden post tonight depending on the answers! I just want our Twelves to go out with a bang, especially since the game is ending soon.
re: recovering:

a) Ichival
b) Tirfing
c) Narga


Cons: High probability of death for whoever tries to recover them

Still, they have to be recovered. Anyone wants to send characters to Valhalla to get them? The power of plothole can save!!

I have a backup plan in case no one has characters who can help. But it'd be nice to have more players participate. /o/

Mar. 29th, 2008

sup homies!

Loputous has opened the portal, crossed over in his own body, brought a bunch of followers, and had it sealed again!

He found himself a nice handful of royal herons to do this for him by means of plothole. Awesome, no?

Anyway. Miletos will be the first to see Loputous's new mug - and that of his followers. Verdane, Thracia and Lenster should be next, since they're close by - next as in, "hey is that a dragon over thar?"

Once word spreads, cultists will also come out to say sup in various locations. So all you cultist haters (phlogistic) can do something about it.

It should take 3 or so days for the dragons to reach Silesia, Agustria and Isaac, so try not to rush it too much with the OMG! DESTRUKSHUN! posts.

Anyway, the world's ending! ENJOY IT |D



Heritage (or Legacy) is an original character roleplay inspired by the Fire Emblem games and specifically set in the world of the fourth installment of the series. This is the second generation of the game; you can find the first generation archived here.

You don't need any canon knowledge, nor do you need to have been in the first generation to play! If you're interested, please visit the wiki for more information!
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